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Excitement at Burundi evangelism campaign

Posted on: August 11, 2017 2:42 PM
Photo Credit: EAB Press
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[EAB Press] Hundreds of people – adults and youth - have given their lives to Christ during an evangelistic campaign in Burundi which began last month.

A team of evangelists has been working with local clergy and laity. The work has focused on two dioceses: Rutana and Makamba. The team has been so excited by the response it has been recalling the revival in East Africa in the 1930s and speaking of a new season of restoration coming to the area.

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Burundi, Martin Blaise Nyaboho, who attended the crusade in Makamba Diocese said it was obvious that a season of revival had started and stressed that he would support the team so that it could reach people in many parts of the country.

When he took up the office last year the Archbishop said that proclaiming the Gospel would be one of his main focuses.