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Vibrant youth work spreading discipleship in Katanga Diocese, DRC

Posted on: July 20, 2017 9:36 AM
Photo Credit: Diocese of Katanga
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“It is a great honour to let you know that the youth department supervises about 6000 young people who actively participate in the growth of discipleship in the Anglican diocese of Katanga, within the Province of Congo, writes Raphael Mukendi, the diocesan youth co-ordinator.

He adds: “Youth leaders have been involved in leading picnics, camping expeditions, games in school and Sunday school, football and Bible study;  the youth movement reaches young people by showing them the Gospel of good news of Jesus Christ and all these activities  allow the youth leaders to give direction spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially and physically.”

A key initiative for the youth movement in the diocese is protection of the environment as a response to climate change. Young people recently planted 150 trees, with Bishop Mwale Subi Bertin and the Boys and Girls Brigade planting the first tree.

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Another major recent gathering was a workshop aimed at tackling sexual violence against girls and women. At least 100 girls attended and afterwards went back to their parishes to sensitise youth on the same topics, so that they can all be more engaged in fighting against sexual violence as young Christians.