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Anglican Board of Mission makes twin track Easter appeal

Posted on: March 20, 2017 1:16 PM
The Rev Yulki Nungumajbarr leading a baptism service at Numbulwar
Photo Credit: Ruth Brigden/Diocese of Northern Territory

The Anglican Board of Mission, which is the national mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia, has called on Anglicans to support partners in Jerusalem and Australia to give the gifts of health and education this Easter.

In remote Australia, Aboriginal Christians require much needed training and support as they seek to witness Christ in their communities but travelling to and from remote communities is time consuming and expensive which isolates ABM’s partners from the broader Church.

“Your support of this project will assist remote Aboriginal Christians gain access to much-needed training as they seek to witness to Christ in their communities” said ABM’s Reconciliation Coordinator, Celia Kemp.

“Aboriginal church leaders also minister in settings where people are often still looking to the Church for leadership in the face of overwhelming challenges and griefs. The aim is to help each participant to develop the unique gifts God has given them, with the help and support of mentors who are further down the ‘track’.”

The Territory Discipleship Track is a further development of the ‘Bishop’s Award Program’ of previous years. The Reverends Marjorie and William Hall from Ngukurr joined that program as part of their discernment in moving towards ordination.

They appreciated the individually tailored training sessions held in their own language and were very happy that the support enabled them to travel to other communities to minister to them, something they long to do more often.

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The other target of ABM’s appeal is in the Diocese of Jerusalem, where the Princess Basma Centre for children with disabilities is providing a series of quality, specialised and comprehensive rehabilitation services.

The centre also facilitates the Mothers’ Empowerment Program where mothers can receive specialised psychosocial support and educational workshops on different health issues related to disabilities and rights of children with disabilities. The women attend every therapy session with their children and are trained by the therapists to continue the activities when they return home.

Further details on how to donate to the ABM’s Good Friday and Easter Gift can be found here