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Bishop calls for restraint as warring sides clash in South Sudan

Posted on: January 26, 2017 4:11 PM
Emmanuel Cathedral, Sudan
Photo Credit: Kajo-Keji Diocese
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[ACNS] The Episcopal Church in South Sudan and Sudan has warned of the deteriorating security situation in the town of Kajo Keji within the past week. It says three violent incidents have prompted local people to flee their homes and head for refuge in neighbouring northern Uganda.

A communiqué from the Diocese of Kajo Keji said that on Friday armed men attacked and killed a local official; on Sunday, government forces were ambushed about 10 km from Kajo Keji and in the resulting gunfire five civilians were killed. Local residents fled and many sought refuge in Emmanuel Cathedral, in Romogi, the nearby diocesan headquarters. Then, overnight on Tuesday there was an attack on police in which two members of the security forces were killed.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kajo Keji, the Rt Revd Canon Emmanuel Murye, said that the Church would continue to care for its flock in the most difficult circumstances, but he called on the international community to intervene quickly: “We the church strongly condemn both warring sides and call on both sides to refrain from such atrocities on the civilians whom each respective side claim to protect and fight for their rights.”

The Diocese of Kajo-Keji is one of the 43 Dioceses of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan.