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Burundian Anglicans campaign for “society without gender-based violence”

Posted on: December 2, 2016 4:05 PM
Burundian Anglicans attend a Mothers’ Union-organised rally to express their opposition to Gender Based Violence.
Photo Credit: IEAB

[ACNS, by Gavin Drake] The Archbishop of Burundi, Martin Nyaboho, has taken part in a Mothers’ Union-organised campaign against gender violence. The Archbishop joined hundreds of men and women in a procession and rally as part of the Anglican Church of Burundi’s contribution to the international 16 Days of Activism to end Gender Based Violence.

“We feel so encouraged because people are more and more understanding why we have to fight for a society without GBV,” the Bishop of Buye, Sixbert Macumi, said as he thanked those who took part. He also “expressed his great joy” at the steps already being taken in the fight against GBV, the province said in a statement.

Archbishop Martin Nyaboho reaffirmed the commitment of the Church to stand for equal rights and dignity for all human beings. “Yes, the Anglican Church of Burundi has achieved a lot by way of eradicating gender based violence, but more still has to be done,” he said.

The co-ordinator of the Mothers’ Union in Burundi, Claudette Kigeme, said that she was pleased with the achievements of the Mothers’ Union in all the dioceses. In a train-the-trainer model, the MU are teaching men and women in the dioceses on strategies to end gender-based violence. Those trained then work to train others in the communities.

As a result of the training, conditions for families have improved. At this week’s rally, stories were shared by beneficiaries as to how their lives had been transformed and their families no longer lived with permanent conflict.

Those who had made a particular impact in their communities were given bicycles to acknowledge and encourage their achievements and to help future activities.