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Bishop urges churches to invest in young people

Posted on: September 26, 2016 3:35 PM
The Bishop of Southern Malawi, confirms 13 young people at St Luke’s Anglican Church in Nkolokoti, Blantyre. He has called for more investment in young people.

[ACNS, by Knowledge Chiwambo and Peter Chipanga] Bishop Alinafe Kalemba of the Anglican diocese of Southern Malawi, part of the Church of the Province of Central Africa, has challenged that unless budgets for youth activities are taken seriously, there will be little progress both at church and nation level.

Bishop Kalemba was speaking after blessing 13 young people with the sacrament of confirmation at St Luke’s Anglican Church in Nkolokoti, Blantyre in Malawi.

Bishop Kalemba observed that budgets in many sectors, including the church, do not put much consideration for the youth, yet they are a force to be reckoned in nearly every sector.

“Youth are leaders of today. Let us support their activities by aligning enough money and resources in budgets that involve the youth, otherwise we should not hide behind the notion that they are leaders of tomorrow just because we are afraid that the youth can perform much better than us,” he said.

Bishop Kalemba called upon all parishes on his diocese to make sure that they have incorporated reasonable budgets for the youth.

“We should take pride in our youth right away from Sunday School. It’s a good nursery for leaders in all sectors so we should not deprive them of the Word of God and nurturing their various talents,” the Bishop said.

In a related development, Bishop Kalemba observed that the church should have vision of infrastructure development. He said: “parishes should plan to have an infrastructure of some sort at a given time so that as a church we should also be financially stable.”

The Bishop disclosed that as diocesan leader he will do everything possible to support such developments as they are good not only for the church but the nation at large.

“The office building project that I launched at the diocese in August last year will be off the ground soon and I urge all parishes to also start moving with their respective projects” he said.