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New church building after 84 years as mission outpost

Posted on: February 4, 2016 10:13 AM
Builders make the finishing touches to the new Anglican church at Bermejas, Cuba, in December last year.
Photo Credit: Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba
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[ACNS] A new church building has been consecrated for an Anglican worshipping community in Cuba, some 84 years after it was founded as a mission outpost.

The Revd Vicente Tuzzio founded the community at Bermejas, near the Bay of Pigs, in 1932. A year later some 48 people were confirmed by Bishop Hiram Hulse and the following year it was recognised as an organised mission of the Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba – the Anglican Church of Cuba.

The building, which has been supported by many churches and individuals, has taken a year to complete. Work will continue in the coming months to build an annex room.

Until the new building was consecrated last month, the worshipping community at Bermejas met in a small rented space.