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Wales holds day of prayer for refugees

Posted on: December 8, 2015 2:03 PM
A Syrian family waits after being escorted into the harbour by the Greek Coastguard, which found them drifting off the shore of Kos in Greece, in June 2015
Photo Credit: Flickr / Freedom House
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[ACNS] Churches across Wales will be holding special services and opening their doors for members of the public to pray and light candles on Thursday as part of a national day of prayer for refugees.

And as part of the day an ecumenical prayer gathering, organised by Churches Together in Wales, will be held outside the Tabernacle Church in the centre of Cardiff.

“When we hear the horrific stories night after night of people leaving their homes and enduring perilous journeys as they flee for their lives, we all want to do something to help, but feel helpless at such a distance,” the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, said. “One thing we can do is to hold both them and those who have the means to help them directly up to God in our prayers and thoughts.

“Doing this ensures that neither they nor the enormity of needs are forgotten. By setting aside a special day to do this we hope as many people as possible will join us in prayer and give the message to all refugees that we care, we are concerned and we are walking with them.

“May such a day also assure those who are faced with answering their needs that we recognise their need of wisdom, grace and vision.”

Churches are marking the day of prayer in a variety of ways. Some are holding a 24-hour prayer vigil; others are opening their doors during the day for the lighting of candles and to provide a space for people to pray. Others will hold specific times of prayer during the day on the refugee theme; and some are holding formal liturgical services.

Those taking part have been asked to post their prayer activities on Twitter using the hashtags #refugeeprayersDec10 and #refugeeswelcome.