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From one in three to zero: MU’s campaign as part of 16 days to end gender-based violence

Posted on: December 4, 2015 10:38 AM
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[ACNS] The Anglican mission agency Mothers’ Union (MU) is taking part in the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence by campaigning for “one in three to zero” – for the number of women globally experiencing gender-based violence to drop from one in three to zero.

The MU is calling on governments across the globe to “create a culture where violence against women and girls is unacceptable.” The agency wants young people adults to receive education about loving, respectful relationships; for all forms of gender-based violence to be made unlawful.

They also want to ensure that survivors have access to justice and support services; and that provision is made for the rehabilitation of perpetrators.

“Much has been achieved in the past few years in raising awareness of gender-based violence across the world, yet with one in three women known to experience some form of abuse, there is still much to do,” the MU’s social policy manager, Rachel Aston, said. “

As part of the 16-days, the MU brought together a range of expert panellists at a conference to explore “what needs to be done, through policy and practice, to bring this number to zero.” And they have produced an “activism pack” to help other people join the campaign.

The issues are serious. “Throughout the world women and girls are subject to many different forms of violence including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse,” the MU says. “Violence affects women and girls from all backgrounds and happens across all stages of life; and is perpetrated by partners and family members as well as strangers.”

And the agency quotes some startling statistics.

“In 2012, one in two woman killed in a homicide was killed by a partner, former partner, or family member,” according to figures provided by the UN; and some “4.5 million people worldwide are victims of forced sexual exploitation. 98 per cent of these are women.”

  • You find out more about the MU campaign and download the activism pack by clicking here.