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2015 Standing Committee Bulletin - Day 4

Posted on: September 6, 2015 11:25 AM
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The Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion is meeting 3-6 September at the Anglican Communion Office (ACO) in London. [The members of the Standing Committee can be seen at]

The Standing Committee focused on finances, administration and strategic planning on the final day of its 2015 meeting.

Finance and Administration Committee report

Mr Timothy Trimble, Director for Finance and Administration, and Mr Michael Hart, financial consultant and Vice-Chair of the Finance & Administration Committee, presented the Finance and Administration Committee report.

The committee approved the recommendations of the Finance and Administration Committee, including approval of 2014 financial reports. They commended the Finance Department for the excellent report and transparency of the accounts.

The committee agreed that an evaluation was needed concerning contributions from the Provinces in relation to funding needs for the work and ways to encourage fuller participation.

The committee discussed the ACO’s tenancy at St Andrew’s House. They commended Ms Ann Quirke, the Warden of Saint Andrew's House for her care and hospitality.

Strategic planning

The committee devoted a large part of the morning to a strategic planning discussion, reviewing the role of and key priorities for the Anglican Communion Office in the next few years, as the initial phase of an ongoing conversation.

The committee proposed that the ACO functions as a conductor of the Anglican Communion symphony orchestra, promoting harmony towards the reign of God, directing the “section leaders”, the I(i)nstruments of Communion, and orchestrating the score of the Communion’s work. It also has an ambassadorial role, representing the Communion beyond itself to others.

Other business

In other business the committee thanked ACO staff for organising and hosting the meeting. Its members expressed great appreciation to the Most Revd Dr Katharine Jefferts Schori for her service with the Standing Committee and wished her well for the next phase of her ministry.

The committee thanked Mrs Stephanie Taylor, Information and Knowledge Manager; Ms Terri Miller, Interim Editor; and Mrs Christine Codner, Executive Officer for their work in conjunction with the meeting.