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CMS partners are "loving our neighbours" in Nepal

Posted on: July 28, 2015 2:03 PM
Photo Credit: CMS
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[CMS] Thousands of earthquake victims, many in the most-remote and hardest-hit areas in Nepal, have been given food, shelter and spiritual care, thanks to CMS Timothy (local) mission partners.

Ram Prasad Shrestha (National Mission Commission Nepal), Manoj Pradahanga (Leadership Training Department of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal) and Bhibin Shakya (Grace Community Services) are all working hard with colleagues to bring relief to families still desperate for help.

These partners are involved in constructing hundreds of new houses for people and providing trauma counselling.

Ram Prasad said, “One of our missionaries who was coordinating relief distribution told me that people who received the relief materials were thankful because we were the first group to help them. He said, ‘Many people thought Christians only preach about Jesus; now they see we care for people and their opinions have been changed.’”

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