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Church needs unity in mission, say Anglicans in India

Posted on: June 5, 2015 10:54 AM
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By ACNS staff

The Church needs to focus on evangelism and be united to take up challenging issues together, participants of a mission consultation held in New Delhi have concluded.

In a message about the consultation, The Church of North India (United) Provincial Secretary Alwan Masih highlighted “mission evangelism” as a “sanctified responsibility given by our Lord Almighty to every individual and to the Church at large”.

Through his death on the cross and commission to “make disciples of all nations”, Jesus had entrusted the Church and individual Christians with a “significant responsibility” to proclaim, witness to and transmit the Gospel to all people, Masih said.

Jesus didn’t want missionary efforts to be limited to a smaller group, but rather extended to the entire world, he continued. “As individuals and collectively as a Church, we need to focus on evangelism through various committed and well planned strategies.”

Representatives from the Church of North India (CNI), Asia Christian Mission Society (Asia CMS), World Vision of India and other mission groups in the country met in mid-May at the CNI offices to strategize on how to grow stronger and more unified in mission, particularly in the face of current political realities and challenges.