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The Anglican Communion’s Bible initiative report available for e-reader, tablet

Posted on: January 26, 2015 3:56 PM
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By ACNS staff

A report exploring what engagement and interpretation of Scripture looks like in different parts of the Anglican Communion is now available to download on e-reader or tablet.

The Anglican Communion’s Bible in the Life of the Church initiative aims to motivate a deeper engagement with the Bible across the Communion and develop an understanding of the way this could be done.

Deep Engagement, Fresh Discovery is accompanied by a significant collection of further educational resources to encourage us, as a Communion, to deepen this engagement.

The project’s director, Stephen Lyon said, “The report and these resources are offered with an invitation to use them to deepen our love of the Bible and the rich treasures its pages offer. “We hope that these electronic versions will enable easy access at a very low cost.”

Since this report was published in 2012 more educational resources have been added to the website offering a greater range of ways to deepen our engagement with Scripture.

The report is now available on is now for Kindle, Nook and via iTunes. It is also available as a PDF at and to buy in hard copy at