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Pakistan Christian community get home of their own

Posted on: January 19, 2015 1:32 PM
The key of St. James Church, Hangu was presented to the Bishop to unlock the building.
Photo Credit: Diocese of Pes
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From the Diocese of Peshawar's Frontier News newsletter

Hangu is small town near Kohat. The local population is predominantly Muslim but there are 30 Christians families living there as well.

The Peshawar Diocese has a sub-parish at Hangu which is looked after by the Kohat Parish. The local Christians, who suffer discrimination and poverty, longed to have a place of their own for social and religious gatherings.

So, the diocese acquired a small piece of land where they planned to build the Christians there a church and community centre. 

In December, Peshawar Diocese's Humphrey S. Peters along with his team of clergy and the diocesan officers visited Hangu to lead a dedication service for the newly built church and community centre there.

The local community, and local political and religious leaders welcomed the bishop and his team. They also garlanded the guests and presented a traditional shawl and a hat to the Bishop as a souvenir.

Later, singing religious songs and hymns, the congregation formed a procession and marched towards the church.

DIOPESHAWAR_pakistan _Hangumarch2

The key of St. James Church, Hangu was presented to the Bishop to unlock the building. The Bishop blessed the Holy Utensils, linen and the Alter, and Holy Communion Service was held, led by the Bishop himself.  

The Bishop in his sermon and through prayer thanked God Almighty for providing the Hangu Christian community with a church.

After the service, the local community and the guests joined in a big feast arranged by the parish. The community leaders thanked God, and expressed their gratitude towards the diocese, for its sincere efforts and planning to uplift the poor Christian community of Hangu.