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'Literally a miracle' - Episcopal Diocese forgives $93,000 debt

Posted on: December 22, 2014 12:12 PM
(Left to Right) Molly Girard, administrator for the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan, the Rev. Melissa Burton and the Rev. Eugene Burton of Christ Image Community Church and Bishop Todd Ousley of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan.
Photo Credit: Diocese of Eastern Michigan
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By Jessica Shepherd,

If you ask the Revd Eugene Burton, miracles are real. 

The pastor of Christ Image Community Church in Saginaw will tell you he just experienced an early Christmas miracle when the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan erased a $93,000 debt owed by the independent church.

"It was literally a miracle for our congregation," Burton said.

'Practice what we believe'

Burton and his wife, the Rev. Melissa Burton, entered into a $125,000 land contract with the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan in 2010 to purchase the building at 708 W. Genesee, which formerly housed Calvary Memorial Episcopal Church.

A balloon payment of $93,000 was coming due on the building in 2015.

"It's like a balloon note," said the Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley, bishop of the diocese. "It's all due in five years or you renegotiate."

According to Ousley, the diocese would have happily renegotiated the contract. But now that isn't necessary.

"We looked at this and said, 'Here's a real, practical opportunity for us to practice what we believe,'" Ousley said.

This year is a Year of Jubilee in the Episcopal Church, Ousley explained, meaning that debts are forgiven.

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