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ABM's supporters improving the health of families & children

Posted on: May 15, 2014 1:43 PM
Training for rural health workers
Photo Credit: ABM Australia
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Three of ABM’s health projects in China, South Sudan and Gaza will receive much needed attention through generous donations from ABM’s supporters.

In rural communities and remote areas in all of these countries, families struggle with their health as they are unable to receive treatment due to lack of infrastructure and poor weather conditions.

Families experiencing poverty in the Gaza region are struggling to provide health care for their children as their situation worsens. The community health program of the Al Ahli-Arab hospital in the Gaza region will work with children who are malnourished.

ABM’s Program Director, Dr Julianne Stewart said, “Care for children’s health in war torn areas is crucial.”

“With your support, children under five will benefit from a three month nutrition plan, follow ups and health education” she said.

In the rural communities and remote areas of South Sudan, sick or injured people have to walk for miles through rough terrain and terrible conditions to reach a health facility where they can be treated.

With the support of ABM, a health clinic will soon be completed in Maker Mayuen, a remote area in Aweil South Sudan, which will be within walking distance for locals. Two more clinics are in the early development stages.

ABM also works alongside its partners to improve the lives of the people living with HIV, decrease the stigma and improve the capacity of local health workers.

Together with its partner in China, ABM is establishing care and support groups, running agricultural training and administering micro-loans are the key focus for this project as the people living with HIV feel excluded from the community.

Through providing opportunities for social interaction, counselling, nutrition assistance and physical check-ups, the health and confidence of people living with HIV will be improved.

Dr Stewart said, “ABM is pleased to support 100 health workers from town and village health centres in rural areas to receive training to learn how to recognise and treat infections.”

“To support these three projects, $80,000 is needed and as we approach the end of financial year, I remind our supporters that donations to these projects are all tax deductible. Your support will make a huge difference to the lives of people living with poor health,” she said.