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Saudi princess tackles human trafficking at Cathedral Dinner

Posted on: April 24, 2014 12:16 PM
HRH Princess Madawi Abdulrahman Al Saud

A Saudi princess will be the guest speaker at a dinner organised by the Anglican cathedral in Bahrain next month, to increase awareness of human trafficking.

HRH Princess Madawi Abdulrahman Al Saud will speak on the subject, on which she is an active campaigner, at the St Christopher's Day Dinner on 9th May.

As well as campaigning on the issue, the princess has worked as a media co-ordinator for a charity, and is currently researching the subject for a PhD thesis.

Last year, at the launch of a regional shelter in Bahrain, the Princess told the Gulf Weekly newspaper why she had got involved: "So few people know about the horror of human trafficking. I was talking to someone about it and they actually said to me: 'What is human trafficking? Do you mean the traffic lights in the street?' That made me really furious and I realised I needed to do something about it."

From her base in Abu Dhabi, she is working to create a new Gulf-wide law that will protect those who are exploited at the hands of traffickers.

"Human trafficking is a form of slavery and a direct violation of human rights," the Princess said. "It is related to forced labour, sexual exploitation and even the illegal trading of human organs. The victims are usually hidden away from the world and are of all ages and nationalities."

Working as a media co-ordinator, she got close to victims and survivors. "They were my friends and they were broken. That made me passionate about the cause. I found myself researching a lot more and wanting to share what I had found with the world."

The St Christopher’s Day Dinner, organised by St Christopher’s Cathedral, will be held at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel in Bahrain on 9th May. Two days later, Princess Madawi will continue the theme as the guest speaker of the St Christopher's "Living Room Dialogue" in the Deanery, after the Sunday evening service in the Cathedral.