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Ukraine: Stories of faith, hope and love amid the grief

Posted on: February 25, 2014 12:34 PM
Young female protester cries in despair as the violence spreads during clashes in Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo Credit: Mstyslav Chernov
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[ChristianToday by Michael Trimmer] The people of Ukraine are facing a long road back to peace and normality after the shockingly violent protests of recent months.

Alla Gedz, of Christ Church, Kiev, an Anglican church in the Diocese of Europe, and Stepan Sus of the Centre for Military Chaplaincy in Lviv, western Ukraine, are just two Christians who have been trying to make sense of the turmoil and be a presence for God.

While some churches have been keeping very neutral, Mr Sus and the Greek-Catholic centre have from the outset been supportive of the people's right to protest.

"Our church, that is the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church has always been in solidarity with the people's will for self-determination and the struggle for the respect of human rights," he says.

"Since the beginning of protests in November our priests have been in central Kiev trying to console and support those who were protesting."

He believes the protests are about freedom and "the struggle for the respect of human rights" and the person. It is also a fight against "corruption, theft and police brutality".

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