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Church shouldn't antagonise government, but can criticise

Posted on: January 9, 2014 1:57 PM
Bishop of Eastern Zambia William Mchombo
Photo Credit: ACNS
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Born  and bred in Mufulira, the hand of fate destined him for the mineral-filled bowels of the Copperbelt mines. His father, a miner, later chose to leave the glittering lights of urban life for the rural expanses of the Eastern Province to serve God's flock as an Anglican priest.

This is the story of Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia, Bishop Paul Mchombo.

Q: Who is Bishop William Mchombo?

A: I was born about 50 years ago in Mufulira at Ronald Ross Hospital and I was born, bred, brought up in that place. I did my primary school at Chankwa Primary but this time I am told it has been converted into a secondary school. So I began grade one in 1970 and in 1976, I did my grade seven exams and qualified to form one at Butondo Secondary School. Then 1979 I sat for my form three exams and went on to form four then form five. So, I completed school in 1981 and then of course being a miner's son, the easiest available job was to go into the mines laughs. Of course, it was not my intention that I should join the mines, but it became automatic. I found myself in the mines. From 1985, I joined the mines and just as a general worker then I was given an opportunity to train as a junior mechanic in electricity and after that, of course I continued to work in the mines for the next three to four years. That was 1985 to 1989. So, in 1989 I resigned to go to St John's seminary in Kitwe at Mindolo where I studied theology for three years. In 1992 I was ordained deacon and my first appointment was in Luapula at Chipili Mission Station. It is a new district now. I worked there for four years and then the Bishop then decided to take me back to Mufulira at St Mary's where I worked for two years. Later, I requested for a transfer to Eastern Province in 1997.

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