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Philippines: Church focusing on long term recovery

Posted on: November 19, 2013 4:12 PM
Floyd Lawlet, national development officer and provincial secretary, Episcopal Church in the Philippines
Photo Credit: The Episcopal Church
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Anglicans are responding generously to help people hit by typhoon Haiyan and are planning long term support to help communities in the Philippines rebuild for the future. 

Speaking from the frontline of supporting devastated communities, Floyd Lalwet, provincial secretary of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, said that as part of the emergency response, Anglicans at the national cathedral  had been packing food parcels to distribute to displaced people. 

You can give to the emergency appeals launched byAnglican Board of MissionAnglican Overseas Aid,Episcopal Relief and DevelopmentPrimates World Relief and Development Fund, and Us

Once the emergency phase is over, Floyd Lalwet said that the Church is focusing its attention on longer term rebuilding. 

"The Church is one of the few agencies left after the emergency. Lots of agencies are going home already," he said. 

The Church has a long term commitment to the community, and is especially looking at agriculture and other needs, including for soft loans to enable people to resume their livelihoods.  The Church is building on its previous experience of responding to the natural disasters to which the Philippines in particularly prone. 

In a conference call co-ordinated by the Anglican Alliance's relief manager Janice Proud, Anglican agencies heard Floyd Lalwet describe the conditions in his country, and the views of the Church, of which he is also the national development officer.  A  Church team had already visited the stricken communities to assess the needs. 

On the conference call were Anglican Overseas Aid and the Anglican Board of Mission in Australia, Episcopal Relief and Development in the USA, and Primates World Relief and Development Fund in Canada. 

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines will be developing its proposals for reconstruction, identifying particular target communities for support. ABM is already visiting the Philippines, and ERD will be following shortly. 

As soon as the Episcopal Church in the Philippines has developed its proposal, the Anglican Alliance will issue a call for support.