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Appeal to Trinidad, Tobago Anglicans: "Help save your newspaper"

Posted on: November 22, 2013 10:18 AM
Though the outlook isn't bright, Dr West is hopeful Anglicans will support the newspaper
Photo Credit: ACNS

By ACNS staff

The editor of the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago's newspaper The Anglican Outlook has appealed to Anglicans there to prevent it being shut down.

In the latest edition, Canon-Emeritus Dr Steve West has written a front-page article revealing that the Diocesan Council had called for the newspaper's suspension because of a deficit of $134,000.

Dr West says something has to be done to save the newspaper which is in its twentieth year of publication. 

"We have a number of stakeholders who would be affected by the sudden closure of the newspaper. The quality of the newspaper has improved over the years and recent attempts at rebranding were showing good results.

"What the [communications] committee had to do was find ways to reduce the deficit by increasing the revenue base of the newpaper by increasing advertising and circulation," he says.

In the editorial entitled 'Outlook' Reloaded local Anglicans are asked to persuade institutions with which they are associated to advertise in the paper; to place memorials in the paper for relatives who had died; and to buy extra copies of the Anglican Outlook and "place them in doctors' offices, supermarkets and other places where they would be available to members of the public".

"Consider taking a subscription for a relative or friend abroad... Anglicans can make donations to ensure the newspaper continues."

Dr West adds that, despite the challenge to the paper's survival, the committee sees the situation as an opportunity rather than a calamity: "an opportunity to continue to rebrand the newspaper and move in a new direction in terms of marketing and advertising".

Suspending or ending publication of magazines and newspapers is not that uncommon across the Anglican Communion – especially following the global economic recession.

At the beginning of 2011 The Episcopal Church ceased publication of its Episcopal News Monthly, a newspaper printed in conjunction with diocesan partners, and Episcopal News Quarterly, a supplement to certain diocesan quarterly news magazines. The Church now concentrates on publishing its news and features online. 

The official magazine of the Anglican Communion Anglican World magazine was suspended in 2007 because of the high printing and postage costs. It was relaunched in 2012 with lower costs and a hope that sufficient subscriptions would result in the magazine breaking even.