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Did crook take bishop's crozier

Posted on: October 28, 2013 4:13 PM
The missing crozier from St Paul's Cathedral, Regina
Photo Credit: Mike Sinclair
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The Bishop of Qu'Appelle's crozier has gone missing from St Paul's Cathedral, Regina, in the Saskatchewan district of Canada; amid fears that it may have been taken by thieves.

The Dean of Regina, the Very Revd Mike Sinclair, says he fears that a thief may throw it away when he releases that it can't be sold. After an interview with a local radio station, Dean Sinclair (@sinclairic) took to social networking site Twitter to summarise the cathedral's position. He said: "Just gave @GlobalRegina interview re: stolen crozier: In nutshell: U can't sell it, & we care & don't want u 2 go 2 jail. Pls give it back".

The cathedral has spoken to everybody who may have had access to it in case it was simply moved; but now the police have been informed of its disappearance amid fears that it may have been stolen.

Dean Sinclair told local newspaper the Regina Leader-Post, that the crozier was irreplaceable. "This was made by a company that was in England in the late 1880s. They’re no longer around. The materials and the craftsmanship would be something completely different to have it redone again.

"It's nearly impossible to sell. We’d love to have it back, it’s part of our family history, but at the same time we’re concerned for who has stolen it, that they don’t end up with more trouble than they need, when it would just be easy to return it."

The dean hopes that the thief will return the crozier, which has been valued at 15,000 Canadian dollars, in a similar way to the anonymous return of 10,000 Canadian dollars' worth of stolen artefacts from Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, earlier this year.