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Corruption traps people in poverty - join this thunderclap and speak up for justice!

Posted on: October 4, 2013 2:31 PM

[Press Release Anglican Alliance] We've partnered with Micah Challenge and the EXPOSED2013 campaign to shine the light of justice and take action against corruption.  Add your voice to the October 14th 'Thunderclap'

Each year, over US$1 trillion goes missing from the global economy through bribes, dishonest deals and tax evasion.  

And corruption kills. Illegal tax evasion has been calculated to be responsible for 5.6 million children dying in developing countries from 2000-2015.  That's 1000 children every single day.

Christians have built a worldwide coalition to fight the corruption which traps millions in poverty.

Sign up to the Thunderclap, created by EXPOSED2013, before October 14th, and join hundreds of Christians around the world speaking up for justice.

Scripture says, "My justice will be a light to all nations" (Isaiah 51:4).    Micah Challenge is mobilising Christians around the world to shine a light on corruption and call governments to act with integrity.  The Anglican Alliance is supporting the Micah Challenge campaign, and providing a link on this page so Anglicans can sign the global call.

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Our aim with Micah Challenge is to get one million signatures to support the call for justice. Imagine what we could achieve!  One million voices signed by October 2013 speaking together for God's light to shine, exposing the hidden works of darkness and uniting to see the godly transformation of a world so desperately in need. 

Our Christian call for transparency and honesty will be heard by leaders of the most powerful economies of the world at the next G20 meeting in November 2014.  We can press for greater accountability, combatting bribery, erasing tax avoidance and increasing public service.  We can ensure that US$1 trillion does not disappear every year but is given to the people that need it most.  We can equip development ministers for effective service in their nations as they work for the world's poorest communities.

Join us as we shine a light on corruption and sign the global call to all leaders for openness, honesty and justice.