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Partners collaborate to bring Umoja to Guyana

Posted on: August 6, 2013 4:44 PM
Training for diocesan coordinators
Photo Credit: Anglican Alliance
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Awaken Guyana brings to Guyana, in Latin America, the community and church empowerment skills developed in Africa through the Umoja programme.

To share the best practice in church and community mobilisation, the Anglican Alliance have partnered with the Mothers’ Union (MU) and Mosaic Creative, to take the Umoja programme to Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Developed in Africa by Tearfund, Umoja – Swahili for togetherness – is helping local churches around the world work together with their community to use the resources they have to meet local needs.  

Umoja's empowering resources have now been taken to the Anglican Church in Guyana, where the first of three workshops has been launched to take forward an exciting season of equipping and capacity-building in the local church to see transformation in its community.  

Feedback from the first workshop shows how our partnership and working together can provide opportunities for outreach, and participants are looking forward to learning more.

Fr Monsell Alves said, "Awaken Guyana has really provided an awakening for me, so that I could manage my parish better as it relates to conflict, decision making and just management as a whole.  I can also see it helping me in my mission and ministry.  I will use the new knowledge to adopt a better listening attitude while understanding the context and culture where the church is."

Alberta Carmichael, the MU Regional Officer from West Coast Berbice, said, "We never knew that we had so many resources in the community and the church.  Now we have a better vision and we are certainly awakened. Awaken will help us to put together the resources in the church and community to do community activities and work with the people outside of the church."

We are all looking forward to the next workshops as we build on the strength found in joining with others to work together toward our one mission.  

Particularly aware of the Biblical relevance of the programme, another participant, June, said, "It helped me realise that no one should be marginalised since we are all made in the image and likeness of God. There would be improvement as more persons would be aware and there would be increased growth in the church.  I would like to thank God, MSH, Anglican Alliance, Diocese of Guyana and MU Guyana for supporting me in this venture."

Corville, a Youth Director, is also looking forward to the development of the programme and how he can mobilise the youth of the church to go out and make a real difference. He said, "An exciting week with good learning experience from Awaken.  I am looking forward to putting things into action and the follow up as I believe that this will work well for the Guyana situation."

The Anglican Alliance have been blessed and honoured to take part in this initiative, and work together with Tearfund, the Mothers' Union, and Mosaic Creative, to deliver valuable capacity building tools to developing communities.