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Appeals from the Diocese of Aru as rebel groups continue to attack

Posted on: August 19, 2013 4:51 PM
displaced communities in the Oriental Province
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Bishop Ande Georges from the Diocese of Aru, in the Oriental Province of the DRC, is calling for support from fellow Anglicans to expand their work with communities affected by ongoing attacks from rebel groups and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Already doing everything they can to attend to the needs of their communities, churches are desperate to provide more support and show God's strength and victory to those facing this humanitarian emergency.

This detailed explanation from the Bishop explains how two areas in his diocese have been particularly affected by the violence.

In the north:

Kumuro, a town situated on the border of South-Sudan and Uganda, 80km from Aru town, has been ravaged by unknown rebels groups since 2012.   The rebels headquarters were destroyed by the Congolese army in May this year, but members are now scattered across the region and operate in small groups, continuing to inflict atrocities on the local population.  

  • Around 35,000 people are internally displaced and some have sought refuge in South Sudan and Uganda. Three parishes: Pozulu, Azangani and Oriangha are struggling to continue their mission.
  • Two Anglicans schools in Azangani and Oriangha, were destroyed affecting around 1,200 pupils
  • Two of the Anglican health centres do not have enough drugs and staff to attend to the demands.
  • The Anglican Nursing College had to allow 52 students to continue studying without paying fees since their parents have been displaced. This has been substantially constrained the running of the college.
  • The internally displaced people do not have food and because they are away during the planting season, food security in the whole area is under threat.
  • The Diocese has received 65 cases of women who have been raped and is concerned about many other cases that remain unreported due to shame or the fear of being divorced.

In July, militia attacked and burnt down more than 50 houses in the village of Yingi. Two people were killed in the village of Gombe located 20km away from the border of South Sudan. On 6th of August they attacked the village of Ape. On the 7th of August the village of Rodo was attacked and one person was killed. Gaki and Moroto, towns on the border of South Sudan, are very unsafe and people are forced to move frequently.

In the West:

This area is under the threat of the Lord’s Resistance Army, in particular the areas of Dungu and Faradje. According to the latest regional updated of the United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Lord’s Resistance Army is operating in the bordering area of DRC, the Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan (see this map of LRA affected areas). The report mentions that as of 30th June 2013 there were an estimated 320,000 people displaced in the Oriental Province, which also hosts 6,505 refugees from CAR.

Bishop Ande described how the church, alongside the community, has endured the violence inflicted by the LRA since its arrival from Uganda in 2008. He describes how they have committed unbelievable atrocities against civilians such as sexual violence, murders and mutilation. From January to March 2009, the church assisted 6105 displaced people (1,053 men, 1,340 women, 3,712 children and 1,325 families) providing rice, salt, blankets and livelihoods. Currently, the Mothers’ Union and the Diocesan Commission for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation are working with 67 victims of sexual violence who are in need of social and economic reintegration.

Bishop Ande Georges sends this message to brothers and sister around the Communion: 

Suffering has become the daily bread in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It helps us understand how God’s people suffered in Egypt under Pharaoh. We need more people like Moses. Thank you for the compassion you have always shown to God’s people in Congo. God has been Emmanuel for us and to him be the glory.

The Bishop calls for support to implement the following plan:

Objective of the response:  to show compassion and God’s love by assisting the displaced people and raped women.

Targeted area: North Eastern part of Aru Diocese (DRC)

Targeted community: the displaced people and the related victims

Number of beneficiaries: 6,753

Time frame:   One year

Who is responsible for implementing the response: Mr ISAAC BHAYO under Bishop ANDE’s supervision.

Proposed budget:

What do you intent to do?

Number of items

Cost of the items/material/resources




White Rice

2,050 kg x $2


Cooking oil

1,025 litres x 1.8


Cassava flour

100 sacs x 39



2,600 kg x 1.8



2,520 bags x 0.15



1,200 pieces x 1



260 pieces x 8


Plastic Jerican

205 pieces x 6








Building 2 schools burnt

12 classrooms


Fees for 52 students

52 students x 100








Treatment 65 women Aru/Kumuru

65 x 100


Social integration of 67 women Faradje

$90 for micro-credit








From the market to the sites

2 tours x 300



In charge of the Diocese of Aru







USD  59,764


If you would like to contribute to this appeal, please send your donations to the following account of the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo:


Bank Name:          RAWBANK

Account Number:  01000114503-41

Currency:               $US

Swift Code:            RAWBCDKI

Address:                BP 2499; KINSHASA 1

                              REPUBIQUE DEMOCRATIQUE DU CONGO

The Diocese of Aru will provide updates about the progress of the situation and how resources have been used to respond to this emergency. The Anglican Alliance will post the report back on this appeal.

If you would like to know more about this appeal please contact us on this email: