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Photos: Bermuda bishop's consecration service

Posted on: June 3, 2013 10:11 AM
Bermuda's newest bishop
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A colourful — and spiritual — ceremonial procession to the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity this evening marked the beginning of the consecration and ordination of the Revd Nicholas Dill as the new Bishop of Bermuda.

As the procession was underway, the worshippers who crowded the Anglican Cathedral along with the family and friends of Mr Dill were treated to musical numbers.

Mr Dill was led into the church by two young Anglican congregants from the St Augustine’s area, and crowds gathered to watch the proceedings.

During the colourful enthronement ceremony that followed he was installed on the bishop’s throne and the dean’s chair and was presented with the signs of his office — the mitre [or Bishop’s hat], the Bishop’s ring and staff and a cross.

Bishop Dill, 49, was elected bishop by Bermuda’s Anglican community in February. Members of the Church’s administrative council, the Synod, cast three rounds of votes before choosing Mr Dill over Archdeacon Andrew Doughty.

The new Bishop of Bermuda and his wife Fiona have six children. Born and raised in Bermuda, Bishop Dill trained and practiced as a barrister before receiving the call to full time Christian ministry.

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