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Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe announces retirement

Posted on: March 23, 2013 10:21 AM
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From the Diocese in Europe

The Rt Rev Dr Geoffrey Rowell, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, is to retire before the end of this year. Bishop Geoffrey, who is 70, will leave office on 8 November 2013 and says The Friends of the Diocese service on October 23rd will he his formal farewell to the Diocese, followed on All Saints Day by a farewell visit to the Cathedral in Gibraltar, where he was enthroned as Bishop 12 years ago.

Bishop Geoffrey came to the Diocese in Europe from the Winchester Diocese where he had served as Bishop of Basingstoke for 7 years. Before that he had spent many years in teaching and pastoral care in university life.

Bishop Geoffrey’s retirement announcement can be read in full here

The Archbishop's Secretary for Appointments, Caroline Boddington, has already started work on the process of finding a new Bishop for the Diocese in Europe. It is a process very similar to English Dioceses except that it is not a Crown Appointment - the final decision is made by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of London and a bishop nominated by the Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council, acting jointly (section 6 of the Constitution refers). The Standing Committee of the Diocesan Synod acts as the Vacancy in See Committee for the Diocese and closely follows the Vacancy in See procedures as for all the other dioceses. It will have its first meeting in early June.

A full explanation of the procedure will be published in the next edition of the European Anglican magazine and also posted on this website.