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Appeal to Anglican Communion: "Please join a week of prayer for DR Congo"

Posted on: November 19, 2012 1:37 PM
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From the Congo Church Association

Anglicans and Episcopalians around the world have been invited to join Archbishop Isingoma Kahwa of the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo, and the Congo Church Association in a week of special prayer for peace in DR Congo.

Since April there has been a new upsurge of violence and displacement in eastern DR Congo (320,000 people as of late Sept according to the UN including 60,000 into Uganda and Rwanda) following the emergence of a new rebel group called M23 as well as other groups becoming more active across a wide area.

Situations change when God’s people pray, sometimes in ways we are aware of, but not necessarily. In regular news from friends in DRC we hear of many encouragements and blessings as the Good News of Jesus Christ is proclaimed in word and deed, BUT there is the constant plea too for ongoing, persistent prayer for lasting peace because the stark reality is that tens of thousands in Congo are living with fear and insecurity, violence and displacement, hunger, sickness and poverty while longing for peace and the opportunity to return home.

The Congo Church Association, with the support of Archbishop Isingoma Kahwa of the Anglican Church of Congo, invites you to join with us in a week of special prayer for peace in DR Congo from Monday 26th November through to Advent Sunday 2nd December. We hope individuals, groups and churches will commit to pray afresh for a resolution and definitive end to the conflict, violence and atrocities, and for a new era of peace, as well as for the needs of all those affected. Prayer resources will be available on the CCA and CMS web sites from 19th November. See and

Please encourage friends and others in your networks to participate and make this prayer initiative widely known. Thank you.