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Lahore Diocese Bible study on women and theology

Posted on: September 22, 2011 10:41 AM
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A two-year Bible Study course for women offered by the Women Desk of Lahore Diocese, Church of Pakistan, together with the Catholic organisation Maktaba Anaweem has recently concluded with the awarding of Certificates.

The Bible Study focused on exploring challenges and norms that have resulted in women’s subjugation and recognising women’s potential for transforming lives towards justice and reconciliation. The ecumenical group following the course comprised 54 representatives from church denominations and Christian organizations. Bible Studies were scheduled for two years with 24 sessions (one in each month). It was designed along biblical textual explanations to create awareness about gender justice, women’s contributions in bringing peace and harmony by rediscovering women voice in Bible. The following topics were discussed:

  • Women in the Letters of St Paul
  • Women Making Differences – Biblical Perspectives
  • Women in the Gospel of Matthew
  • Culture, Scripture and Women
  • Women: Theology of Religions
  • Women According to St John
  • Socio-Cultural Confinement and Women as Missionary
  • Assumption and Emancipation of Women
  • Feminist Theology
  • Women in Church History
  • Women, Mission and Evangelism
  • Peace Building and Social Responsibilities

The first year concluded on 29 January 2010 with 25 participants. The Urdu translation (national language of Pakistan) of a book in English entitled ‘We Paint the Colours of Shanti: Women Ambassadors of Transformation Bible studies’ was launched.

The second year was completed on 12 October 2011 and Certificates were distributed to participants.

This course brought an opportunity for womenfolk to voice out their concerns and stories on the aforementioned topics. Misconceptions and myths resulting from literalistic interpretation of the Bible were discussed. The significance of reviewing and rereading the Bible from women’s perspective and asking questions as to what the Bible says about women were emphasized. In addition, Biblical texts were related to the present day situations and circumstances pertaining to women concerns and interests. 

Such endeavours enhance and strengthen ecumenical understanding and relations among churches and denominations.

 Download PDF Bible Study on Women and Theology (3Mb)

Report by Ayra Inderyas