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Posted on: August 6, 2008 5:23 PM
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Lambeth Conference video journals available for viewing at

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A series of 10 video journals featuring more than 30 bishops from around the world attending the 2008 Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion are now available for viewing at Trinity Wall Street's website, Produced for the Lambeth Conference by Trinity Wall Street, the video journals were shown at the outset of each conference day, introducing participants to the daily thematic focus. The journals portray the personal experiences of bishops and spouses as they relate to that day’s theme and include segments which capture the life of conference.

The videos run approximately five minutes in length and address topics ranging from evangelism, social justice and the environment to engagement in a multi-faith world and the abuse of power. Bishops in the videos include Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury; Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop of Sudan; Miguel Tamayo, Bishop of Uruguay; Edward Malecdan, Bishop of Northern Philippines; David Beetge, Bishop of Highveld, South Africa; Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Christchurch, New Zealand; Alexander John Malik, Bishop of Lahore, Pakistan; and Mark Sisk, Bishop of New York, USA.

The Anglican Communion is considered Christianity’s third largest denomination. Once every ten years, its leaders meet to discuss the state of the communion, renew their partnerships, explore their Anglican identity and invigorate their mission. This year, 650 bishops and archbishops from all over the world attended the 14th conference held July 16 - August 4.

This is the third conference where Trinity Wall Street was asked to provide the assembly with communications support.

The first Lambeth Conference was held in Canterbury in September 1867.

A list of the videos follows.

Lambeth Journal 1 - July 20

Celebrating Common Ground: The Bishop and Anglican Identity
Introduction by Archbishop Rowan Williams
Ian Ernest, Archbishop of the Indian Ocean
Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Christchurch, New Zealand
Mark Sisk, Bishop of New York, USA
Profile: John Simalenga, Bishop of Southwestern Tanganyika and Freshman Bishop at the Lambeth Conference

Lambeth Journal 2 - July 22

Proclaiming the Good News: The Bishop and Evangelism
Miguel Tamayo, Bishop of Uruguay
Philip Baji, Bishop of Tanga, Tanzania
Daniel Allotey, Bishop of Cape Coast, Ghana
Alexander John Malik, Bishop of Lahore, Pakistan
Profile: Dinis Sengulane, Bishop of Lebombo, Mozambique and Senior Bishop at the Lambeth Conference

Lambeth Journal 3 - July 23

Transforming Society: The Bishop and Social Justice
Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Southern Africa
John Chane, Bishop of Washington, USA
David Beetge, Bishop of Highveld, South Africa
Edward Malecdan, Bishop of Northern Philippines
Profile: The Church Under Duress
Sebastian Bakare, Bishop of Harare, Zimbabwe
Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop of Sudan
Munawar Kenneth Rumalshah, Bishop of Peshawar, Pakistan

Lambeth Journal 4 - July 25

Serving Together: The Bishop and Other Churches
James Tengatenga, Bishop of Southern Malawi
Charles Jenkins, Louisiana
Metropolitan Kellistos of Diokleia, Patriarchate of Constantinople
Profile: Walk of Witness (in support of the MDGs), London

Lambeth Journal 5 - July 26

Safeguarding Creation: The Bishop and the Environment
Ellison Pogo, Archbishop of Melanesia
Winston Halapua, Suffragan Bishop of Polynesia in New Zealand
John Chartres, Bishop of London, UK
Mark McDonald, National Indigenous Bishop, Canada
Profile: Lambeth Chaplaincy Program

Lambeth Journal 6 - July 28

Engaging with a Multi-Faith World: The Bishop, Christian Witness and Other Faiths
Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop of Sudan
John Chew, Archbishop of South East Asia
P.K. Samantaroy, Bishop of Amritsar, North India
Profile: Photos of Buckingham Palace and the Bishops Group Photo

Lambeth Journal 7 - July 29

Equal in God’s Sight: When Power is Abused
Jane Williams, Diocese of Canterbury
Profile: Joan Devashayam, Diocese of Chennai

Lambeth Journal 8 - July 30

Living Under Scripture: The Bishop and The Bible in Mission
Susan Moxley, Bishop of Nova Scotia, Canada
Martin de Jesus Barahona, Archbishop of Central America
Filadelfo Oliveira Neto, Suffragan Bishop of Rio de Janeiro
Profile: Spouses’ ‘I am the Vine’ Project Bible Study Team

Lambeth Journal 9 - July 31

Listening to God and Each Other: The Bishop and Human Sexuality
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
Profile: Thomas Shaw, Bishop of Massachusetts and Philip Baji, Bishop of Tanga, Tanzania

Lambeth Journal 10 - Aug 1

Fostering Our Common Life: The Bishop, the Covenant, and the Windsor Process
Trevor Mwamba, Bishop of Botswana
Gabriel Shoji Igarashi, Bishop of Kyushu, Japan
John Neill, Archbishop of Dublin
Orlando Oliveira de Santos, Bishop of Southern Brazil
Profile: Lambeth Stewards and Anglican Youth

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