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Letter from CAPA Chairman to Kenyan Bishops

Posted on: January 10, 2008 3:52 PM
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To All Bishops of the Anglican Church of Kenya

We have been following closely and are saddened by the post-election violence that has led to loss of lives and destruction of property in your beloved country following the recently held General Elections. However, we are happy to note the important role the Church and particularly the Anglican Church of Kenya is playing to mediate for peace led by Archbishop Nzimbi.

We urge you to continue with these efforts until normalcy returns.We are praying for all the ethnic communities to dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty of all the people of Kenya. Let us all continue to pray to God for normalcy to return and that political tension and conflicts are well managed not only in Kenya, but in all countries of our beloved continent of Africa.God bless you.Yours in the Lords ServiceThe Most Rev Ian Ernest, G.O.S.K
CAPA Chairman & Primate of the Indian Ocean