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Voices of Young Climate Activists at COP28

Voices of Young Climate Activists at COP28

Agnes Lam

07 December 2023 1:02PM

The overwhelming sense of community and solidarity present at COP28 makes it feel like a big family, where young climate activists from all walks of life come together with a shared purpose and determination to tackle the climate crisis.

“There can’t be peace without climate justice.” Everyone’s voice matters. Faith serves as a guiding force for the young activists, giving them a sense of responsibility and a moral compass to create alliances and fight for those unheard and unseen. They tell their personal stories and amplify their voices through various instruments, such as transmitting the narratives to next generations through singing. Meanwhile, the Youth Cafe has become a vibrant hangout space where young climate activists of different faiths gather to inspire each other, ranging from indigenous artist from Kenya, a wild nature lover from the US, to a youth representative from South Africa.

The youth will continue to engage in critical discussions and negotiations. Let us come together in a spirit of unity and compassion and pray for the young activists. May they find strength, courage, and hope in their efforts to advocate for climate action. Let us also pray for young individuals who are not with us at COP28 that they may be inspired and take part in climate action advocacy.