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Communion within the Communion - perspectives from the Lusophone meeting

Communion within the Communion - perspectives from the Lusophone meeting

Bp Jorge Pina Cabral

04 December 2017 1:34PM


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“Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another” (Romans 12:15-16a

The third meeting of the Lusophone Network (November, 22nd – 27th, 2017) took place in an atmosphere of great human and ecclesial sharing. Together we heard the cries from communities in vulnerable situations but also their hopes and expectations. The value of the human relationships forged and the trust acquired among the participants in our days together will be the foundation of the missionary journey ahead of us – a journey the Lusophone Churches are committed to make in close collaboration. The time we spent together enabled us to know more about each other’s life stories. We became closer as friends and realized that although we come from diverse backgrounds, we share the same feelings and are bound Christ Jesus.

We got to know the hard work the Church of Angola is carrying on fighting Malaria. We heard about the growth in the Mozambican church, despite the shortage of human and material resources. We understood better how the current context of Brazil calls the Church to raise its prophetic voice and work and how the Church in Portugal is more committed with the work of evangelisation and Intentional Discipleship in an increasingly secular society.

In order to strength the mission of the Lusophone Network, there is the recognition that the churches are in need of theological and Christian education. It will be one of the priorities for the future: to support the holistic formation of the Christian faith, in order to better understand and face the issues and challenges that life presents to us. In this area, it will be very important the support to be given to the Theological Seminary in Mozambique and the development of a course of Anglicanism via Internet. Next year there will be celebrations to mark the 125th  anniversary of the Anglican diocese of Libombos in Mozambique.

We thank God for the time we spent together in this III Meeting of the Lusophone Network and I pray to God for his guidance to the future journey of the Network.

+ Jorge Pina Cabral

Bishop of the Lusitanian Church and Chair of the Network


Thanksgiving and Commitment

Lord, our God:
We thank you for have called us
To make part in the Lusophone Network
With those who seek fulfill your Will;
May your Spirit guides and strengths us
In the mission and service to the three continents where we are present
Not as unknown and indifferent people among ourselves
But as fellow companions in the journey and friends
Caring for each other in the same pilgrimage
Towards your Kingdom.


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