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Cathrine Fungai Ngangira reflects on her year at St Anselm's

Cathrine Fungai Ngangira reflects on her year at St Anselm's

Cathrine Fungai Ngangira

11 July 2017 11:23AM


When I left home to be a residential member of the Community of St Anselm at Lambeth Palace, saying goodbye was hard not because I was going far away from home, but, I didn’t know how to explain what I was getting myself into. Committing to prayer, study and service to poor communities was not a problem especially coming from a Christian family, but, being a monk (though part time) with vows of poverty, chastity and obedience was not a cool thing to do.

When I signed up to join the community, I had preconceived ideas of what spending a year in God’s time might look like: spending hours fasting and praying, reading and studying the bible. Looking back now, we’ve done all that and have got even more than what I signed up for.

I began the year with a desire to know God’s will for my life.  I expected it to be easy going, but it turned out to be exciting, tough and transforming.

The first step was to trust God fully, which he taught me to do through sharing about myself expecting no reply or comment in return and listening to the stories of others and not commenting (maybe at a later date if necessary). This vulnerability with each other built trust that created friendships. It was a point of realising how God sometimes deals with us: listen as we speak, and comment where necessary and how we ought to listen - seeking not to reply but to understand.

Reconciliation became the order of the day renewed each morning with a choice to love and expressed through honest conversations, confessions, writing, accompanied with tears, hugs and smiles after experiencing forgiveness and mercy. The pain of reconciling with the past is nothing compared to the peace and joy of the healing made.

This year’s experience is better compared to the refining process that gold goes through under fire, the impurities are removed and best quality gold remains. We’ve been under fire, we’ve been refined and made ready for God’s purpose, with great value to God’s kingdom and his creation.

Cathrine Fungai Ngangira


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Bishop Alwin Samuel

12 July 2017 7:49AM

I thank God for this great witness of reconciliation. Your offering and witness contribute to the spiritual strength of the fellow believers. In order to refine us the fire of the Holy spirit is over you and under you and through you so that we can remain firm in belief. Many blessings from the people you serve and the people who served you. " For I do not seek to understand in order to believe, but I believe in order to understand. For I believe this: Unless I believe I will not understand." [St. Anselm]


11 July 2017 3:29PM

Thank you, Cathrine. an article of Blessing...made my day learning how young folk are being challenged and gaining understanding about the Christian faith