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Five top resources all Christians should check out

Posted on: September 25, 2014 1:05 PM
It's surprising what Bible resources you can find on the Internet
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From The Bible in the Life of the Church project

The Communion-wide Bible in the Life of the Church project is collecting together a whole array of resources to help Anglicans and Episcopalians connect more deeply with the Bible.

Today project staff issued a list of 5 top Bible resources all Christians should check out

  1. BIBLE360 – to help Anglicans approach the scriptures with their brains switched on. A well-tested course with materials for a one-day seminar providing an introduction to the Bible for people of all ages and backgrounds.

  2. Scripture Tools for Every Person [STEP] - an online resource making freely available serious Bible study software from the international team of researchers

  3. Logos Anglican Software - Bible study tools that connect people to the Word

  4. VIDEO – Scripture - part of a series of short (8 minute) videos entitled Tracts for our Time in which Dr Ellen Davis speaks about the importance of scripture for the life of Episcopalians in North America and beyond.

  5. A helpful way of doing Bible study – 4 C’s - This helpful outline has been used in the Chelmsford Diocese in England offer four Cs to bear in mind as we engage with Scripture: Context, Community, Critical Study and Change.

Project co-ordinator Stephen Lyon said, "The Church has probably given rise to more printed materials than just about any other institution. While the printed word still holds an important place, the electronic word vies for a place alongside the book. So, when books can be accessed electronically it means that a whole library becomes accessible and portable.

"The Bible in the Life of the Church project has discovered several web-based tools that offer just this in relation to Bible engagement. They differ in scale, in accessibility and in sophistication but all have something to offer to those seeking serious, scholarly engagement with Scripture."

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