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Opposition to new Abortion Law
More than 80 per cent of South Africa's medical doctors are refusing to perform abortions, following the legalisation of abortion at the beginning of this month.
Concerns over abortion paper
Concerns have been raised by some Melbourne Anglicans over a submission made to the Victorian Law Reform Commission on reform of the state's abortion laws.
Church of Ireland opposes abortion, acknowledges 'exceptional cases'
Church of Ireland says abortion should only be allowed in exceptional cases, such as substantial risk to mother's life. 
Archbishop Rowan Williams: assisted suicide could spell 'disaster
The Archbishop of Canterbury last night warned that moves to legalise assisted suicide could spell “disaster” for society.
Ugandans discus sex education, land grabbing and Janani Luwum anniversary
The Church of Uganda adopted a 10-year master strategic plan when its Provincial Assembly held its biennial meeting last month in Mukono.
Church of England warns on human genetics
The Church of England has warned that human genetics should be developed for the purpose of therapy only, and not for the enhancement of the foetus, in a submission by the Church's Mission and Public Affairs Council to the consultation Choosing the Future, run by the Human Genetics Commission.
Plenary considers questions of making moral decisions
The stories of a widow who is expected to marry the brother of her husband even though he has AIDS, Chinese children left abandoned in an orphanage and the pain of a man watching the suffering of his dying wife are all in the conference spotlight today.  
Orthodox - Anglican dialogue explores "complex ethical concerns"
Members of the official Anglican-Orthodox dialogue have met this week to discuss a range of bioethical and moral issues.
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