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Kenyan police foil terror attack and recover gun stolen during attack on church guards

Posted on: December 20, 2017 4:16 PM
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A gun stolen from one of two police officers who were shot and killed as they guarded St Paul’s Anglican Church in Ukunda, Kenya, has been recovered by security officials in an anti-terror operation. The shooting took place in September, and at the time police said that the al-Shabaab terror group were behind the killings, which they believed were carried out in revenge for the death of terror suspect Said Omar aka Babley.

Today (Wednesday), police announced that they had foiled a Christmas terror attack and seized two AK-47 rifles and 47 rounds of ammunition from a hideout being used by al-Shabaab to plan a Christmas terror attack. Five suspects escaped the raid and are currently being sought by security officials.

Police said that one of the guns was believed to be the one stolen during the attack on St Paul’s Church. Local police chief Larry Kieng has said that security has been heightened in response to an expected terror attack over the Christmas period.

Police around the world are stepping up security ahead of Christmas. On Sunday, terrorists struck at a church in Quetta, Pakistan, killing nine Christians. Police in Britain raided five properties in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire yesterday (Tuesday), foiling an alleged plot to bomb Christmas markets in London. While in Germany, similar raids took place targeting terrorists said to be planning an attack on the Christmas market in Essen.