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Ecumenical guests welcome involvement at Anglican Consultative Council

Posted on: April 12, 2016 8:38 AM
Father Tony Currer of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity addresses members of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lusaka, Zambia
Photo Credit: Gavin Drake / ACNS
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[ACNS] The ecumenical representatives at the Anglican Consultative Council have welcomed their inclusion as “full members” at ACC-16 in Lusaka, and praised the work of the Anglican Communion in promoting social justice for women. The ecumenical representatives met last night and their deliberations were reported this morning by Father Tony Currer, officer for Anglican relations at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

The ecumenical representatives had held “good and interesting discussions”, Father Currer said. “We were very heartened by the commitment to listening across the Communion . . . and to building communication across the provinces; to learn about and celebrate what is at work in the Communion and through the work of the Anglican Communion Office (ACO).

“Like you, we are all tremendously impressed by how much work the relatively small office of the ACO manages to achieve.”

He continued: “We were impressed by the desire to walk together and to keep the channels of communication open.

“Particular, it was noted that in the field of gender equality, the Anglican Communion is a leader in the field of gender justice [the rights of women] and we have much to learn from the Anglican Communion.”

He said that the ecumenical representatives were “very grateful” for the invitation to be at ACC-16 “and particular for the extraordinary graciousness of the Anglican Communion in your inviting us to participate, inviting our opinion, and for making us full members of this meeting.

“All of us saw that as an exemplary exercise in ecumenical hospitality and were tremendously grateful for it.”

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