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New Anglican Communion video highlights need for Christians to live out their faith

Posted on: October 22, 2015 11:47 AM

[ACNS] The Anglican Witness initiative, coordinated by the Anglican Communion Office, has produced a new video, Being a Christian in everyday life, to highlight current issues in churches in the Global South and North, with a view to a possible Communion-wide response through a focus on discipleship or Christian living.

In the video, Anglican Communion mission leaders and practitioners note challenges such as a failure to connect faith and professional life, a lack of confidence to share personal faith and pass it on to the next generation, low commitment, impact on community, and a decline in church membership.

“Many youths feel the Church does not respond to their needs so when they go out they find other agencies that seem to warm up to who they are,” says the Revd Robert Sihubwa, a youth pastor in the diocese of Lusaka in Zambia.

“[The Church] should not try to bring the Kingdom in through power and influence and authority, but . . . through our manner of life; so that people will look at us and say ‘I don't know who those people are, I don't even believe what they believe, but, man, they’ve got something,’” concludes the Revd Robert Hurkmans, Rector of St James and St Brendan, Port Colborne, Canada.

Focusing only on evangelism and not taking into consideration other aspects of God’s mission is like “eating meat every day and forgetting vegetables,” the Archbishop-elect of South East Asia, the Rt Revd Moon Hing, says in the video. “Discipleship is a balanced diet,” he concludes.

Being a Christian in everyday life features faith leaders from the Anglican Church of Canada, the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Church of the Province of Central Africa, the Church of the Province of South East Asia, and the Anglican Church of South America.

The video is one of several resources gathered by Anglican Witness, an initiative bringing together Anglicans and Episcopalians engaged in evangelism and church growth, to equip believers to live out their faith as disciples of Jesus in their communities.

The Anglican Witness initiative aims at mobilising Christian leaders and gathering good practice stories from dioceses and parishes where emphasis on discipleship is already being implemented in various contexts.

  • Anglican Witness is inviting Anglicans willing to share their own stories and resources to get in touch.