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Peshawar Christians 'crying out' for justice, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Posted on: September 26, 2013 11:13 AM
Mourners gathered outside All Saints Church in Peshawar to protest against the attack
Photo Credit: Associated Press
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The Archbishop of Canterbury has drawn attention to the fact that Christians in Peshawar spoke of forgiveness even as they were 'crying out' for justice after Sunday's suicide bombings.

People in Peshawar spoke of forgiveness immediately after Sunday's attack at All Saints Church, the Archbishop said during an interview with Radio 4's World at One today.

But he stressed that mourners in Peshawar are also ‘crying out vigorously’ for justice and protection following the worst attack on Christians in Pakistan’s history, which killed 85 people and injured more than 120.

He continued: ‘When you look at what Christians teach, we are deeply committed to justice – we pray for justice for the victims, justice to be established.

'But Jesus, at his crucifixion, prayed also for those who were ill-treating him. And that has been the pattern of Christian witness throughout the centuries.’

Describing the bombings as ‘an absolutely appalling attack’, the Archbishop called on Pakistan’s government to ensure minority citizens are given proper protection and that all people are treated equally under its law.

In the same interview, Archbishop Justin said we have seen ‘more than 80 martyrs’ in Peshawar in recent days.

‘They have been attacked because they were testifying to their faith in Jesus Christ by going to church. And that is outside any acceptable expression, in any circumstances for any reason, of religious difference,’ he said.