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Primate congratulates new Sydney Archbishop

Posted on: August 7, 2013 11:53 AM
Bishop Davies and his wife Di
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The Anglican Primate of Australia, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, has congratulated Dr Glenn Davies on his election as Archbishop of Sydney and assured him of the prayers and support of Australian Anglicans.

The Primate passed on his personal congratulations to Dr Davies during a telephone call last night and by letter today.

Dr Davies will be installed as Sydney’s 12th Anglican Archbishop in St Andrew’s Cathedral on 23 August. Archbishop Aspinall will attend the service.

"I’ve known Glenn for many years," Archbishop Aspinall said. “I am sure I join the leaders of Australia’s other Anglican dioceses in welcoming Glenn, in praying for his leadership and in offering any practical help we can as he assumes these new responsibilities.

“Glenn is a well known and regarded contributor to the life of the national Church, having served on both the General Synod Standing Committee and the national Doctrine Commission for many years. He has demonstrated a commitment to listen, discuss and reflect upon issues that are sometimes painful and difficult, and to do so in a conciliatory way while holding on to his personal convictions. I see that as a hopeful sign for the future.

“Those skills, underpinned by personal friendships, will be needed in the future, not just in Glenn but in all who hold senior positions in the Anglican Church.

“That some 3.6 million Australians call themselves Anglican places upon all Anglican leaders a heavy burden and obligation."