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2015 Standing Committee Bulletin - Day 1

2015 Standing Committee Bulletin - Day 1

Notes from discussion on 3 September

03 September 2015

Companion Link partnerships energize Anglican diocesan mission

Five Anglican Communion dioceses agree increased collaboration in training programmes for ordained and lay ministry

12 May 2015

Reconciliation demands we stop 'holding back', says Archbishop Welby

A new book which challenges Anglicans around the world to engage in reconciliation has been praised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

19 November 2014

Anglican Communion launches Continuing Indaba website

The Anglican Communion has launched a new online collection of resources to support the Continuing Indaba programme.

31 October 2013

Women's Indaba success will mean similar gatherings across Africa, USA

The first three-day Indaba process specifically designed for women to discuss the issue of violence has been hailed a success by participants.

04 March 2013

Future of Continuing Indaba secured by ACC vote

Future of Continuing Indaba secured by ACC vote

A wide variety of members presented the report from the Continuing Indaba program at the meeting today of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Auckland, New Zealand.

05 November 2012

Continuing Indaba enables 'gospel-shaped conversation

Continuing Indaba enables 'gospel-shaped conversation

Enabling conversation across difference has been the main objective of the Anglican Communion’s Continuing Indaba and Mutual Listening Process. 

31 July 2012

Hope for 'Continuing Indaba

Hope for 'Continuing Indaba

The Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Revd Michael Perham, the Bishop of El Camino Real, the Rt Revd Mary Gray-Reeves and the Bishop of Western Tanganyika, the Rt Revd Sadock Makaya, have written to the Archbishop of Canterbury reflecting on their Indaba process, stressing the importance of the project and the hope that it will be expanded within the Anglican Communion.

02 July 2012

Continuing Indaba is celebrated as "a wonderful gift to the Communion"

Continuing Indaba is celebrated as "a wonderful gift to the Communion"

An initiative to enable mission by strengthening relationship between parishes, dioceses and Provinces has been celebrated by participants and evaluators as “an important tool” and “wonderful gift” for the Anglican Communion.

29 May 2012

Indaba process leads to deeper understanding for local Anglicans

Indaba process leads to deeper understanding for local Anglicans

Anglicans from the Diocese of Toronto who participated in the Anglican Communion’s one-year indaba process believe it can have a transforming effect upon the church if it is used more broadly.

30 March 2012


ACC-16: Bishop James Tengatenga's final sermon


ACC commits to "walking together" with the Primates

The Anglican Consultative Council has committed to “walk together” with the Primates of the Anglican Communion in response to Archbishop Justin Welby’s report on January’s Primates’ Gathering and Meeting which called for “consequences” for the US-based Episcopal Church following its decision to change its regulations to allow same-sex marriage.

Draft programme for Anglican Consultative Council meeting published

Anglican Bishops, priests and laity from across the world will gather in Lusaka next month for the 16th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC-16). Members will discuss a range of issues around the theme “Intentional discipleship in a world of difference” – how Christians can be faithful to the Gospel in all aspects of their lives in the different cultures and situations that Anglicans find themselves in.