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To save the earth, all must change their ways", Ecumenical Patriarch

“To respond to the ecological crisis, we must move beyond mere talk to action,” said Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople

19 September 2014

"Social and environmental justice are intimately, profoundly linked"

“Sleeper awake!” is the opening call of a new Anglican resource for the Season of Creation from South Africa

28 August 2014

Anglicans tell Eco-bishops: “Be prophetic, encourage ecological witness”

A survey has revealed what Anglicans want from their bishops in response to global climate change 

15 August 2014

World Council of Churches pulls fossil fuel investments

An umbrella group of churches, which represents over half a billion Christians worldwide, has decided to pull its investments out of fossil fuel companies.

12 July 2014

Anglican coalition launches Oceans of Justice campaign to challenge G20

The Anglican Alliance is standing with a coalition of Anglican churches and agencies to call on the G20 to bring climate change to the top of their agenda

08 July 2014

Threatened by climate change, Kiribati buys land in Fiji from CofE

The Church of England has sold land in Fiji to to the people of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean who are facing displacement because of climate change. 

01 July 2014

Anglican priest takes environmental activism to the streets

New Westminster Anglican the Revd Emilie Smith is making the news these days for her activism in Canada — and Latin America.

23 June 2014

Pacific Churches heard at C20 summit

Pacific Island Churches bring Climate Change concerns to global civil society summit in Melbourne

23 June 2014

Anglicans in the Pacific call to top world leaders for action on climate change

Pacific churches and agencies will highlight climate change at the next meeting of the leaders of the world's top 20 richest nations.

17 June 2014

Indigenous communities, deforestation, youth top Eco-Bishop list

The ecological vulnerability of Indigenous communities, the rapid expansion of deforestation, and the energy of youth for the environment have all emerged as key issues as the Anglican Communion Environmental Network’s Eco-Bishops’ initiative gains momentum.

05 June 2014


VIDEO: Church in Wales' 2020 Vision


Middle East: Jews, Christians, and Muslims break bread for peace

Interfaith Iftar in Jerusalem: Community, Prayer and Hope during war

Are Church leaders the world's most active peacemakers?

Michael Binyon says church leaders are now using their moral authority to persuade leaders in conflict situations to look again at proposals for peace