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Easter message from Archbishop Ng Moon Hing

Posted on: April 18, 2017 10:05 AM
Archbishop Ng Moon Hing of South East Asia
Photo Credit: ACNS
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This question – “Who is the Boss?” – is propping up every now and then in all walks of life; be it in offices, factories, publicschools, civil or public circles, religious and social organisations, business or governmental arenas, the private life on any individual, etc. It has in many instances ruined and maimed many lives, as well as releasing and setting free many.

Is this really an identity or authority crisis, as we saw in the Scriptures the struggle between Moses and the Pharaoh over the ownership of the Hebrew people, the choice of giving full oblation to the worship between Baal and Yahweh during Elijah’s days, the dilemma of the King of Judah to come under the authority between Babylon or Egypt during the days of Jeremiah, the dissension between Paul and Barnabas over John Mark, the struggle of Jesus at his temptation over the obedience to the Will of God or Satan, etc.? As much as we dislike the word ‘BOSS’, inevitably we have to grapple with this issue in almost everything in our lives. Perhaps, we can change it to ‘OWNERSHIP’.

Easter reminds us that Jesus has overcome sin, death and the devil. The victory belongs to him alone, especially his death and resurrection. When we believe and follow him, it categorises that he is our ‘Boss’ or Owner or Master or Lord or Supreme Leader. If Jesus is not the Boss or Owner of our lives, then who is? For this reason, we need to Enhance Ownerships over all that Jesus has given or apportioned to us. He has given us Faith, Identity and Ministry so we need to enhance our ownership in what we believe – our Faith in God i.e. who we are – Our Identity i.e. we are Children of God, and what we do – our Ministry i.e. we are ambassadors of God. This can be summed up in this phrase – We are Disciples as well as Disciples-Makers of Jesus Christ.   

We, Christians, often claimed that we are children of God but the lives of many of us are anything except the resemblance of Jesus Christ or anything near it. Today, in many Christian churches, the fundamental doctrine and belief has deviated till our fore-fathers could not recognize it any more. The popular faith and ministry has become more self-centred than God-centred. Among the Christian arena, there is some popular branding that many of us are familiar with. Some call it ‘Prosperity Gospel’, ‘Social Gospel’, ‘Hyper Grace Gospel’, and ‘Liberal and Humanistic Gospel’. I believe the crux of the matter is over the issue of OWNERSHIP or BOSS they subscribe to. Simplistically, the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ has health, wealth and feel as their boss; the ‘Social Gospel’ has the poor, the needy and the marginalised as their boss; the ‘Hyper Grace Gospel’ has security, peace and comfort as their boss; the ‘Liberal and Humanistic Gospel’ has the SELF i.e. the individual – his interest, looks, likes, ideal, craze, pleasure, etc. as their boss. Of course, there is no end to many more categories within the Christian circle.    

The challenge is – can we return the real OWNERSHIP to our Lord Jesus Christ and we continue to enhance His ownership in us through our Faith, Identity, and Ministry? Why not?

To all who claim that they are Christians, no matter whatever schools of thought they belong to, will you again allow Jesus to be the Boss of your life this Easter and beyond?

To all who have yet to subscribe to faith in Jesus Christ, will you consider believing and accepting Him and allow Him to be Boss of your life? Just pray to Jesus and tell your heart’s desire.

Wishing all a Blessed Easter with Christ the Lord of your life!

Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!