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Zambian Anglicans celebrate church member's 100th birthday

Posted on: August 13, 2014 5:33 PM
Happy 100th birthday, Mr Hatyoka
Photo Credit: Times of Zambia
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By Andrew Phiri, Times of Zambia

Zambia's life expectancy has risen from 37 to 43 years in the recent past, partly due to various medical interventions.

There are, however, several factors which could be attributed to long life, the major one being God, who according to Christians chooses when to take one’s life.

While waiting for God’s time, Timothy Hatyoka celebrated his 100th birthday at Hamukanchali Village in Monze District Southern Province on July 7 2014.

The Anglican Church, where he was baptised in 1931, conducted a church service and a Holy Communion programme in honor of Mr Hatyoka’s 100th birthday.

The local people also celebrated Mr Hatyoka’s centenary through dancing and singing throughout the previous night.

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