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Faith schools becoming ideological battle ground

Posted on: September 30, 2013 2:15 PM

[Telegraph by John Bingham] Children are being denied the chance to go to some of Britain’s best schools because anti-religious campaigners have turned attempts to expand faith schools into an ideological “battleground”, the Church of England’s education chief has claimed.

The Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd John Pritchard, who is responsible for the education of more than a million children, admitted that the Church faced “challenging questions” over whether middle class parents are monopolising places at its most popular schools.

But he insisted that they could best be addressed not by opposing the existence of faith schools but by actively allowing them to expand.

Bishop Pritchard, chairman of the Church’s Board of Education, was speaking as a report warned that children’s education is now being used as a “proxy” for an argument between adults over whether religion should have a place in public life.

The study, by the think-tank Theos, said that debates about faith schools had become too “ideologically-loaded”.

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