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The 'almost unremarked' tragedy of Christians persecuted in the Middle East

Posted on: August 27, 2013 2:45 PM
Canon Andrew White
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[Telegraph by Edward Malnick] Multiple attacks by Islamists on St George’s has prompted the Iraqi government to set up three checkpoints to protect the church.

The new security measures make it virtually impossible to attack the building and show “the government here cares about us,” Canon White - known as the “vicar of Baghdad” - says.

However the violence targeted against Christians in Baghdad and elsewhere in the region continues.

This weekend Lord Sacks, the outgoing Chief Rabbi in Britain, warns that the plight of Christians in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Egypt is a tragedy "going almost unremarked".

In an interview with The Telegraph Lord Sacks described continuous attacks on Christian believers and churches as "the religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing”.

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