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Anglican Alliance strength not in funding, but in connecting and co-ordinating

Posted on: October 30, 2012 3:58 AM
director of the Anglican Alliance Sally Keeble
Photo Credit: ACNS
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By ACNS staff

Director of the Anglican Alliance, Sally Keeble, told the gathered members of the Anglican Consultative Council today (Tuesday) that the Anglican Alliance existed to strengthen the capacity of the Communion to undertake development, relief and advocacy.

Speaking at the morning session of ACC-15 meeting in Auckland, New Zealand she told members the Alliance was not a fundraising initiative but was there to help fulfil God’s mission by strengthening the development, relief and advocacy activities of the Anglican Communion. The models of working were to come she said, “From the grassroots up and driven by those closest to poverty.”

The importance of the Alliance not becoming simply another funding body was emphasized by the Episcopal member from Nigeria, Archbishop Ikechi Nwachukwu Nwosu. He said, “Resources available in Africa if managed well could make many African churches and communities financially independent and assist the Alliance to serve us better.”

One of the highlights of her presentation was the success of a free distance learning course in community development skills called Agents of Change. The modules of the course include inclusion, consultation, and governance protection of vulnerable people; work programming; and principles of financial management.

Following her presentation the delegates gathered in regional groups to discuss the work of the Alliance and develop questions and comments

Some of the areas that the delegates discussed and presented in plenary were: a secure economic future for the Alliance, our ecumenical partners and the ability to work together, the need to share information in a simple straightforward way and in a timely manner, and a request for material in a variety of languages.

The Anglican Alliance - development, relief and advocacy brings together work across the Anglican Communion. Its mission is to build on the work already being undertaken at all levels, build capacity, co-ordinate and provide a clear voice for the Anglican Communion in the international development. Its development fulfils a resolution that came to the last Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Jamaica for the formation of such an organization.

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