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PWRDF and CIDA Begin 5-year $10.8 million Health Care Program

Posted on: April 4, 2012 11:44 AM
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PWRDF* is pleased to announce a new joint program with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  PWRDF will contribute $2.7 million dollars over five years towards the $10.8 million dollar project that will focus on maternal and child health in 59 villages in Burundi, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

“Through this joint program PWRDF will continue with African partners the work already accomplished with CIDA funding in 2009-2011. The five-year CIDA commitment will allow space and time to build the kind of impact needed for healthier, sustainable communities. With the help of Anglicans across Canada, PWRDF has committed itself to putting half a million dollars a year into this program, knowing that provincial governments in the three countries have acknowledged the value of our partners’ work and want it extended.  We also expect PWRDF/CIDA partners will have much to share about development effectiveness and best practices within the Anglican Communion through the capacity-building work of the Anglican Alliance: Relief, Development, Advocacy. This is an exciting opportunity.”

The program will reach about 1.5 million people through awareness-raising about health issues and nutrition, working with local governments to address cultural practices that negatively impact women’s health and participation, and ensuring better access to health care for pregnant women, mothers, and children.  1690 community health workers, HIV and AIDS educators and caregivers will be trained in the villages.  100 bicycle ambulances will help remote villagers to reach clinics and hospitals, and new clinics will be built where they are most needed.

70% of the people in the 59 villages do not have easy access to clean water or regular access to enough food.  Farmers will improve their skills and wells will be dug or rehabilitated to increase access to nutritious food and clean water throughout the targeted areas.  Model farms will be created to assist in improving agricultural techniques.

PWRDF is proud of its 40 year working relationship with CIDA, and looks forward to continuing to work together with partners including the Anglican Diocese of Bujumbura in Burundi, the Anglican Diocese of Masasi in Tanzania, and the Association of Community Health (EHALE) in Mozambique to improve the lives of mothers and children throughout the region.


Article from: PWRDF by Simon Chambers

[*Editor's note: Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund; the Anglican Alliance’s Canadian member]