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Church of Ireland Lent 2012 Bible Study Resource

Posted on: November 17, 2011 11:41 AM
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Church of Ireland Lent 2012 Bible Study Resource planned in conjunction with ACC Bible in the Life of the Church project,

The Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland (BACI) is offering a Lenten Bible Study Series for 2012 linked to the Bible in the Life of the Church project launched by the Anglican Consultative Council in 2009. This will be a follow-up to BACI’s series on Creation for Lent 2011. Those using the Studies will be encouraged to send feed-back to Stephen Lyon, coordinator of the BiLC project, who is delighted that this Lent Course will offer insights from Irish Anglicans to the project.

The theme will be Economic Justice, using Bible passages suggested by the Anglican Communion Office as illustrative of the Communion’s Fourth Mark of Mission – Transforming Unjust Structures.

The Church of Ireland series will be presented in five parts for the first five weeks of Lent, each containing an Old Testament and a New Testament passage with introduction, study notes and questions for reflection. Five biblical specialists active in the Church of Ireland are currently drafting the respective sections: Katie Heffelfinger, Ron Elsdon, David Hutchinson Edgar, Jason Silverman and Helene Steed. The complete materials will be available to parishes and organisers early in the New Year.

The chosen texts and themes are:

  • Week 1: Deut 15; James 2:1-17 – Social justice as faith in action.
  • Week 2: Amos 6; Mark 10:17-34 – Can the rich be saved?
  • Week 3: Psalm 73; Luke 1:39-58 – Exalting the humble and meek.
  • Week 4: Ezek 27:1-36; Luke 6:17-38 – Woe to you who are rich.
  •  Week 5: Isa 58; 1 Cor 11:17-34 - Finding a Fast and a Feast that the Lord would  choose

Additional recommended readings:
 Job 29-31; Deut 24:17-22; James 5:1-6; Mark 14; Rev 18.

The Bible Study Notes will be made available by BACI early in the New Year, both in booklet and pdf form, obtainable from the website